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Greenland, Inc., creator for Naturin2 herbal tonic, has worked with Drs. Rong-Nian Shen and Li Lu, senior scientists at Indiana University School of Medicine, as well as Dr. E. Y. Chi at the University of Washington Department of Pathology, as medical consultants since 1990 for the Naturin2 formula. 

With these in vitro and in vivo studies, Naturin2 results demonstrated an important effect on supporting immune system health.

For a more detailed reading, please click on the link below for a biomedical publication on Naturin2:



Both the West and the East have distinctive methods on treating diseases. Traditional Chinese Medicine sees the whole body as one whole ecosystem, and the source of pain is a problem of the entire body, with other factors attributing to it that needs to be addressed. Disease is an imbalance in the patient's being, not an isolated entity, with restoring equilibrium as the ultimate goal. Western Medicine views a symptom as an isolated issue, that can be treated with medical technology or pharmaceutical drugs. It is highly effective, but at times the treatment may have potential side effect on other parts of the body.


Compared to Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine is designed to prevent adverse effects and treat diseases in a non-invasive way. With the help of herbal plants and natural substances, Naturin2's formula honors the TCM philosophy as a dietary supplement to help balance the human body's ecosystem, or overall immunity, and achieve optimal health over time.

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The key to the traditional Chinese approach of maintaining human health is not only an internal balance but is also a harmony between the body and its environment. All health problems are seen as a disruption of this equilibrium. Therefore, it is important to bring together the body, mind and spirit – so that there is a free flow of qi or "life energy".

Naturin2 uses specific natural plants and herbs to provide essential nutrients for people of all body types, a formula that can help nourish and maintain the immune system – the most important network of cells, tissues and organs that works to continually keep the body healthy.

Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine are equally beneficial and is a great way for whole person health approach that can help people see their mind & body as interconnected - biological, behavioral, social and environmental - rather than just treating disease. A combination of both is the best approach, for Western Medicine can help treat current symptoms, and Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used as preventative care incorporated into one's daily health routine. 

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