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Greenland, Inc.
Creator of Naturin2

Our Story

Greenland, Inc. was established in 1992 as a manufacturer of dietary supplements. 

Our company’s leading herbal tonic, Naturin2, was developed by a group of scientists and medical consultants after a long period of research and testing.

Since its introduction to the U.S. market in 1992, Naturin2 has been distributed throughout North America as well as many regions of Southeast Asia.

Despite the challenges of rapid advancement in nutrition science and fierce competition in the health supplements industry, Naturin2 has stood the test of time in a steadily growing natural and personal care market in the United States.

Greenland, Inc. aims to connect people and the healing properties of herbs together and will continue to serve those who seek a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Winnie Che receiving honorary award for breast cancer survivor in Seattle, WA with other women and oncologist Dr. Saul Rivkin.

Naturin2 was inspired by one woman’s story of survival, struggle and strength. Winnie is a refugee, an immigrant from Vietnam who came to America in her twenties. 


She started a new life in the back kitchens of a sandwich shop in downtown Seattle. In ten years, she was a proud owner of one of the city's first Vietnamese restaurants. "Little Saigon" was known for karaoke nights and its delicious food in the International District during the late 1980s. She had her footing as an entrepreneur and a was a proud mother to a budding family.


Winnie still put herself last, tirelessly working in the front of house with her husband in the back kitchen while taking care of two children simultaneously. She pushed herself hard, fueled only by the desire to create the best life possible.


After giving birth, Winnie went to the clinic for a routine check-up. A CT scan found a tumor located high in her left breast, near her armpit. After the initial shock, Winnie went into denial. The time and energy invested towards the future that she worked incredibly hard for, might not happen after all.


Winnie found herself in the care of Seattle’s top oncologist at Swedish Hospital, Dr. Saul Rivkin. Their meeting changed her attitude about her health forever.​

Guided by Dr. Rivkin, Winnie found the inner strength to fight second-stage breast cancer with lymphatic metastasis in her left armpit by undergoing a long course of chemotherapy, which gave her agonizing side effects. These included sudden attacks of cold, severe vomiting, hair loss, and premature aging, all leading to a breakdown of her health. When she couldn’t stand the pain of the side effects any longer, Winnie requested a break from her chemotherapy treatments.

Winnie Che with her daughter in 1990 having undergone chemotherapy
Image by Damir Omerović

Chemotherapy had killed off the dangerous blood cells, but it had also blasted the healthy ones. Winnie was determined to not make it back to the radiation room again. To support her post-cancer healing and find the energetic woman she had once been, Winnie started to look for alternative recovery solutions.


Winnie was introduced to a group of nutritional professionals and researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine, who were studying the beneficial effects of Chinese herb extracts. They recommended a formula that might help her. Over a long period of time, she began to take it.

After 6 months to 1 year of continually drinking the formula, Winnie couldn’t help but notice the early signs of hair regrowth on her once-bald scalp.  She found herself regaining her appetite and enjoying food with gusto once again. Her formerly dull complexion and drawn features transformed, and her radiance returned. Her menstrual cycle, which had been disrupted by her cancer treatment, also came back. 


Winnie’s determination to beat cancer was a miracle thanks to science, and herbs, followed by a healthier mindset in her life. Her former chemotherapy treatments paved the way to getting rid of the bad cells in her body. With the proper nourishment of Naturin2's formula and a conscious mind-body balance, Winnie incorporated healthy eating, routine exercise, and better sleeping habits into her life. Winnie reached back to peak mental and physical condition. After recovery, she gave birth to two more children without complications in her early 40s.

From then on, Winnie and her husband Chris wanted to share with as many people as possible about the formula which nourished her body and strengthened her spirit. Thus, Naturin2 was born.



The name is a play on the words “nature” and the Chinese word 饮 “yin”, which means drink, while the unique formula is based on a potent combination of traditional Chinese herbs extracted into a liquid tonic to nourish and balance the body's immune system, digestion & a normal inflammatory response.

It has been a 30 year journey sharing this product to loyal drinkers. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported us and shared their stories of how Naturin2 has helped them in their journey and quest for wellness. 

Photo of Individual Vial Naturin2
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